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The Gaslight Chorus Performs at the Brea Downtown Event 12/09 @ 6pm

Posted Dec 9, 2017

December 09, 2017

On 12/09 @ 6pm, the ENTIRE Gaslight Chorus will be dressed to the nines and singing at the ‘Brea Downtown’ event, on the steps of the Theater Plaza on Birch Street! Even Normal Rockwell would be moved to break out his brushes to capture the scene of a brotherhood of trained a cappella voices—dapper Men dressed in the colors of The Season—singing Christmas songs & ringing Barbershop chords to passing families, and perfectly complimenting the Holiday decorations adorning Birch Street!! #applepie #wholesomepleasures #signmeup

More information regarding the Brea Downtown Event can be found HERE.

2017 Installation of Officers

Posted Feb 1, 2017

The Gaslight Chorus Kicks Off a New Year

Once again, the Brea Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society (aka: The Gaslight Chorus) returned to the exquisite surroundings of the Hacienda Golf Club for its 2017 Installation of Officers and Awards Dinner.   A great time was had by all in attendance as the Chorus reflected upon the prior year and listened to what is planned for the new year. 

Bryan Forbes handled the flow of the evening with skill as our emcee. Numerous awards were delivered to a host of Gaslight members for their fine work during 2016. (See the list below.) Nick Papageorge (Southeast Division VP of the Far Western District) was our installing officer for the event. Nick's portrayal as "Carnac the Magnificent" received roars of laughs as he identified the incoming board members in some unique and creative ways. Props also go to Bryan Forbes as he seemed to channel the spirit of Ed McMahon with his, as some would say, disruptive teasing of "Carnac". 

After the new Board Members were installed, current Chapter President Stephen Henry delivered a well received message to the Chorus charging all of them to bring their best to rehearsals and performances, and reminded everyone that we are all an important part of this great chorus.  Chorus Director Phil Ordaz followed up with a very thought provoking message about stretching our comfort zone and testing our skills. His story about trying music from time to time that may be outside of our traditional "fence" will make us better singers of the 99% of our music that is well within that fence.   

To close out the evening the Chorus took to the risers and performed a number of our repertoire favorites for our guests in attendance. The Chorus even livestreamed one song on Facebook. That performance can be found here -----> FBLive along with lots of other photos of the evening.

The following awards were issued for Calendar Year 2016:

Barbershopper of the Year: Bob Dobson

President's Award: John Saylor

Above and Beyond: Richard Otto

Director's Choice: Jon Sutherland

Freshman Barbershopper of the Year: Justin Barber

Gaslight Spirit: Chase Gray

Attendance: Stephen Henry

Congratulations to all of the above recipients!

FWD President's Award

Posted Mar 21, 2016

Bryan Forbes Receives Honors

Congratulations to Bryan Forbes for receiving the Far Western District "President's Award" at the SCE/SCW Divisional Convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada this past weekend. In his new position as the District Events Chairman, Bryan revised the contracting method of our District conventions by establishing a 10 year look ahead venue cycle that rotates between Northern and Southern California as well as Arizona. By having the convention locations locked in years ahead, attendees can better plan for their travel needs, and most importanly, the local host chapters are relieved from having to search out suitable convention and hotel venues and to negotiate the highly detailed contract terms on an annual basis with these entities. Bryan also led the effort to revise & update the financial budgeting and reporting methods with a host of new electronic forms for the use of the host chapters. These new tools will provide for improved tracking of convention revenues and costs. This visibility will help ensure that our registration fees are being utilized in the most effective manner possible. We are proud to have Bryan as one of our members and we thank him for making the Gaslight Chorus one of the most distinguished chapters in the Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

See a high resolution photo of the award HERE.

The Gift of Christmas

Posted Dec 16, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Gaslight Chorus

The Gaslight Chorus would like to thank all of our fans who were able to purchase tickets for our show "The Gift of Christmas".  We hope that through the messages delivered by the show script and the song selections we were able to inspire you to carry your "gift" of Christmas to your families, friends, and the rest of your communities.  

At this time of year we look back at 2015 and are thankful for all of our patrons, volunteers, families, and fellow Chorus members who stepped up and contributed their time, talents, and treasures to help the Gaslight Chorus be the success it is. If not for you, we would not be able to do many of this things that help promote and preserve this great American art form called Barbershop. It is with the highest regard that we thank you for this.   

If you were not able to join us this year, please keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for information regarding our 2016 engagements. 

From all of us in the Chorus, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Whose Show Was That?

Posted Aug 21, 2015

Gaslight Summer Show a Resounding Success!

So, Whose Show "Was" It Anyway?

If you were able to catch one of the Gaslight Chorus performances this past weekend at the Hacienda Golf Club, you may still be asking yourself that question. The Chorus stood on the risers, along with a collection of Chapter quartets, waiting for what songs the audience was going to direct them to sing. Stephen Henry, the Gaslight MC extraordinaire and the man with the microphone, led the mayhem as he wound through the audience taking requests. Little did the audience know that their selections would be based on them rolling two foot square dice, spinning a wheel of fortune, throwing darts at a board, or tossing balls into large numbered buckets from across the room! We are happy to report that there was no need to call the local paramedics to treat any injuries at the show. We are also pleased to say that there was a lot of fun and a lot of great singing that took place this weekend. The Gaslight Chorus sound was at the top of its game as the guys delivered one superb song after another in the barbershop style.  Further, no less than seven Chapter quartets stepped forward and rewarded the audience with outstanding performances.  The Chorus also had the pleasure of inviting a now familiar Gaslight ladies quartet for a beautiful rendition of "You Are My Sunshine".

Based on the audience response we can easily say it was everyone's show and a great time was had by all. The Chorus thanks everyone who purchased a ticket to help support our organization and we truly hope to see you at one of our Christmas shows on December 9 & 10 at Brea's own Curtis Theater.  

The Chorus encourages everyone to keep up with our activities via our website at and at our Facebook at .


Tribute to Wes Reed

Posted Mar 31, 2015

The Chorus bids farewell

There may not be enough words to describe the rewarding life Wes Reed must have enjoyed. The long list of students he influenced and friendships he cultivated over his 80+ years is impressive by all measures. It is with our highest respects and deepest sympathies we report that on Monday March 23 Wes joined the great chorus in the sky.    

Wes' choral & barbershop stature took form early in his high school years at Fullerton High School. Wes sang in many quartets and ensembles, most also included his ukulele and guitar playing skills. His first barbershop group was named "The Eight Men of Song". Wes credited his choir teacher for the encouragement to sing 'Barbershop' songs. During his years at the University of Redlands pursuing a degree in music education, he continued his barbershop activities in groups such as "The University Quartet" and another with his fraternity brothers called "The PI CHI 4".  The PI CHI 4 sang all over the western United States recruiting students to attend the U of R.  After Wes was married to Gail he began teaching band, orchestra and general music at Redlands Junior High School.  During this time he got a call from three friends to form a quartet named "The Town Criers".  The three men were from Whittier, CA and sang with the Choralaires Barbershop Chorus in that town. Wes proceeded to spend the next two years traveling back and forth from Redlands to Whittier for rehearsals.  In 1959 Wes and Gail packed up and moved from Redlands to Whittier. Wes soon thereafter joined the Choralaires Chorus.

Wes secured a job with the Whittier Union High School District to teach Choral Music and English at La Serna High School. Wes was hand picked for this position by Melvin Locke, the first principal of the new school. This position lasted for eight years until Wes took a sabbatical to secure his Masters Degree in Choral Arts at Cal State Long Beach. Wes also served as the choral assistant for the University Choir as part of his student teaching requirement. During his time at CSULB, Wes helped develop the outstanding choral ensembles which gained much notoriety for the school. Wes also had the distinct pleasure of having the soon to be famous brother-sister combo, Richard and Karen Carpenter, in his choral classes.  Wes ultimately returned to La Serna High School  in the mid-1960's to reclaim his Director of Choral Music position. Wes was credited for producing some of the most highly regarded high school choirs in California over his 30+ year tenure at La Serna.

Due to the demands of his teaching schedule and helping his wife raise their two sons (Steve and Dan), Wes was away from Barbershop from the mid-1960's until 1996 when he was able to reactivate his membership with the Whittier Choralaires Chorus. Wes enjoyed singing in several quartets during this time. A special highlight for him was with the Whittier Blvd. Quartet which included Vernon Brock and John Gaston, both of whom were Wes' students at La Serna HS twenty years prior.  Fast forward to 2007, Wes joined the Gaslight Chorus based in Brea, CA and remained an active and revered member through 2013.  Although Wes had retired from teaching in 1993, his inner teacher was ever present at rehearsals as he would frequently assist the chorus with challenging musical issues, always with the goal of making everyone the best singer possible. Wes' contributions to the Gaslight Chorus will endure for years to come and we will long cherish his wonderful friendship.  

The Gaslight Chorus has been notified by the family that a memorial in Wes' honor will take place on Saturday January 23, 2016 at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 150 N Palm St., La Habra, CA 90631. Additional information is available at the Facebook Event Page: 

2015 Installation of Officers

Posted Jan 27, 2015

Chorus Director's Perspective

Phil Ordaz, the Director of the Gaslight Chorus, addressed the attendees at the 2015 Installation of Officers banquet at the Hacienda Golf Club on Sunday January 25, 2015. Phil proceeded to share a dream of sorts, not necessarily exclusive to himself, but almost more of an inquiry to the members of the Chorus.

He sees a clock, its 7:20, the risers are up, braced for the combined weight of 50+ men. There are about 30 guys around, sharing laughs and stories from their week. They look about, expecting at least 15 more men to come through the doors. A tag is heard; some group singing echoes from a corner of the room; a couple of men looking through music, or casually chatting. A few move about, intent on their business. There is a heightened sense of expectation as the clock ticks closer and closer to 7:30. Guests are being greeted at the door. They see the room, the full set of risers, they hear the sounds of harmony beginning to grow...theres an excitement in the room they hadnt expected for a chorus rehearsal.  Then the words are heard: Gentlemen its 7:30! To the risers! Its Tuesday Night Live!!  

Do we all share this dream? How do we make it real? Making a dream turn to reality takes Commitment. What Commitment you say?  Phil proceeded to issue the following challenge to the Chorus for 2015: Commit to the 5 T's

Commit to your TIME

After you line up your weekly priorities, all we ask is .015 of your week!  What YOU want us to achieve can only happen if YOU give us your attendance.

Commit to your TEAM

We need each of you.  We count on each of you. YOU are the "one" of the one-two-three double play...without you, it doesn't get done! Come to rehearsal not just for yourself, but for each man on either side of you!

Commit to your TASK

Use each and every tool we give you to learn and master your music. Don't be the guy who never cracks open his book, never uses the study guide, never takes notes, but expects to get an "A". Be a good student!

Commit to your TALENT

Nurture and build your God given talent. If you know your Good Book, you'll know that our talents aren't meant to be hidden for safe keeping, but to be invested and grown. Challenge yourself to be a better sight reader, to build your vocal technique, to be a smarter singer, and to become a better performer.

Commit to TURNing IT ON!

Disney employees know that the area where guests are is "on-stage" and that they have to turn on the Disney charm as soon as they move from "back-stage" to "on-stage". Like-wise, we should do the same as soon as we enter the rehearsal hall. No one is asking you to be fake, but for the sake of a productive rehearsal, and for the sake of any possible future member/guest, we've gotta have our A-Game going from 7:30 - 10:00.

2015 Installation of Officers Awards

Posted Jan 26, 2015

The Gaslight Chorus Recognizes Its Stand Out Members

As part of the annual Installation of Officers proceedings, numerous awards are issued to select members of the Gaslight Chorus for exemplary service. Ken Briggs, our current Chapter President, looked back at the successes in 2014, and by conferring with his Board and Music leadership in the Chorus, identified those members who by their contributions and enthusiasm helped make the Chorus the best it can be. 

The following awards were issued for Calendar Year 2014:

Barbershopper of the Year - Bryan Forbes
Hall of Fame - Stephen Henry
President's Award - Richard Otto
Director's Choice - Matt Pfaff
Freshman Barbershopper of the Year - Nick Bratcher
Gaslight Spirit  - Jon Sutherland
Above & Beyond - John Gaston

Congratulations to all of the above recipients!

Gaslight Gets More Social!

Posted Jun 16, 2014

Social Media Sites Established

Have you noticed anything new on the Gaslight Chorus website?

To take advantage of the outreach capabilities of social media, the Gaslight Chorus has established a Facebook Fan Page, a YouTube page, and an Instagram account. The combination of these social media resources will enable the Chorus to provide its friends and fans real time updates and correspondence on its activities, as well as share video snippets and photographs of some of our shows and other performances. Check back often for new additions to these social sites. See the links in the upper right corner and don't forget to "Like" The Gaslight Chorus!

Gaslight Chorus Hosts Successful Spring Convention

Posted Mar 25, 2014

International Prelims & SE/SW Division Contest

Over the weekend of March 20 - 23, 2014, the Gaslight Chorus had the honor of hosting its first Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) convention at the historic Fox Performing Arts Center in Downtown Riverside. The convention welcomed over 775 attendees which comprised a total of 16 choruses, 27 Society registered quartets, 5 high school level quartets, and other guests from the Southwest & Southeast Divisions of the Far Western District.  By all measures, the Gaslight Chorus produced one of the best Division level conventions to date. This success was a major milestone for the Gaslight Chorus. 


The Chorus' two contest songs, "All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart" and "Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia", netted a score of 913 points from the judges which earned the Chorus a third place standing overall for this contest. From a points perspective this was the highest score the Chorus has ever achieved in a contest. This result earns the Chorus the right to advance to the Far Western District Convention & Contest which takes place in Fresno, CA later this year.

To add to a weekend of successes, Four Fifteen, a quartet which includes Gaslight Chorus members: Bryan Forbes, Larry Gassman, John Gassman, and Frank Gilb, were presented the Division Senior Quartet Champion award. This is the first time this award has been won by a Gaslight Chorus chapter quartet. The Quartet will also be at the Convention in October vying for the Far Western District Senior Quartet Champion trophy.

Congratulations go out to each member of the Gaslight Chorus and especially to the Gaslight Chorus Ladies Auxiliary for dedicating their time and efforts to help make the convention a success. Special congratulations to Director Phil Ordaz for inspiring the Chorus to continually improve and move forward in its quest for excellence in every performance.

If you are a man who is interested in checking out what four-part barbershop harmony is all about, the Gaslight Chorus invites you to visit them on any Tuesday night at one of their weekly rehearsals. Click here to learn more about the Chorus and to obtain directions to our rehearsal location.

Christmas Themed Theatrical Backdrop for Rent

Posted Dec 11, 2013

"Christmas Home" is a 20 x 40 foot backdrop. Click here to see a picture.

To rent "Christmas Home", send your name, phone number and/or email address to

We will contact you immediately to discuss pricing and availability options.


Cabaret Show a Success!

Posted Aug 25, 2013

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! And with those familiar lyrics from Broadways Cabaret, the Gaslight Chorus, under the direction of Phil Ordaz and Logan Patrick-Miernicki, launched into its first-ever cabaret show. Presented at the beautiful Hacienda Golf Club in La Habra Heights, California, its Salute to Summer Love was by all accounts a wonderful success. 

Chapter President, Bryan Forbes, worked to secure the venue overlooking gorgeous fairways and greens, and featured a banquet hall that comfortably seated the 150 guests.  Dinner preceded the show and the club staff went out of their way to cater a delicious meal, including desert during intermission.

Show Chairman, Ken Briggs, managed the long list of details that it took to put 45 voices on stage, with classic Barbershop Tunes, Musical Theater numbers, sketch comedy, dancing and exuberant acrobatics.

Chapter quartets were well represented in the show. Voices of Excellence (Vox) consisting of Logan Patrick-Miernicki on Tenor, Matt Ordaz as Lead, Vernon Brock at Baritone, and John Saylor singing Bass;  Agap A Cappella with Dan Durfey singing Tenor, Stephen Henry on Lead, Bob Dobson as Bari and John Phipps as Bass; and Four Fifteen made up of Bryan Forbes singing Tenor, Larry Gassman as Lead, John Gassman as Baritone, and John Saylor singing Bass.  

Guest performers added to the evenings entertainment by lending their talents of dancing, playing the piano, and performing between Chorus numbers.  Guest performers included Tammy Ordaz, Melissa Ordaz, Mallory Saunders, Jessica Ordaz and Aimee Ordaz. A number of Gaslights own also performed in various acting roles. Accolades go out to DJ Smith and Charlton Ellzey for their roles as the dueling Daddy Warbucks, Stephen Henry for his show kick-off number from Cabaret which playfully welcomed the show audience, and last but certainly not least, Logan Partrick-Miernicki and Tony Hope for their off the chart hilarious performance of Agony. The show would not have been the success it was without these fine performers lending their talents in these special features throughout the show. 

The Gaslight Chorus encourages and always welcomes interested male singers to visit any of their weekly rehearsals.  See the Membership page on the Chorus website for location and directions. And be sure to check the website frequently this Fall for information regarding tickets to the Gaslight Chorus eighth annual Christmas Show. The Gaslight Christmas shows routinely sell out so be sure to get your tickets as soon as they are available.


Chorus Achieves Bronze Status

Posted Jun 20, 2013

Harmony Foundation

**This is an update to the previous article written on the Harmony Foundation.**


Chapter President Bryan Forbes shared yet more good news with the chorus at Tuesday's rehearsal. In 2012, Harmony Foundation, inspired by the continuing and growing success of their youth outreach programs, requested help from the Chapters within the Barbershop Harmony Foundation. After listening to a very motivating presentation by K.J. McAleesejergins, the Brea Chapter stepped up in a big way. A good portion of our members committed financial support for Harmony Foundation. Some of our members even went so far as to join the Presidents Council of the Harmony Foundation by committing to support levels in excess of $1,000 per year. As a result of our member's generosity, Harmony Foundation presented the Gaslight Chorus the Bronze Award for 2012 for contributing an average of $50 per member to help support their various youth outreach programs. To quote Bryan, "At the start of 2012 we had zero involvement with Harmony Foundation. In just one year we have received an award for our contributions. Nothing can stop us from continuing to grow from here." Excellent work gentlemen. Let's make our mark even brighter in 2013. 


Harmony Foundation International, Inc. has for 50 years dedicated itself to supporting the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). The BHS is the worlds largest male a cappella singing organization with approximately 26,000 members in the US and Canada plus affiliates in nine other countries. They sing barbershop style music for recreation, performance and in competitions.

Harmony Foundation believes that singing improves lives. The Foundations mission is to support and share the gift of singing as an extraordinary means of making lives more enjoyable, satisfying and meaningful. This is done through funding music education for students in High School and College in order to develop and advance their love and ability for singing. The Foundation fosters a culture of philanthropy in society to carry out comprehensive development programs, and to secure its future through endowment.


The Gaslight Chorus, through its members, is an active supporter of Harmony Foundation. We recognize the tremendous achievements this organization continues to make on providing opportunities to our next generation of singers. See for yourself at the video links below:


The Harmony Foundation Mission: 


And a spot for the Harmony Foundation Youth Harmony Camps:


If you think you might be interested in offering your support to the Harmony Foundation please visit their website at for more information.

2013 Plateau AA Division Champions

Posted May 19, 2013

The Gaslight Chorus successfully achieved the Plateau AA Division Champion title at the recent Southeast/Southwest Division Convention and Contest in Ontario, California on May 11, 2013. With months of rehearsing, coaching and innovative choreography designed by Jessica Ordaz, the chorus earned its highest judging scores since its inception. This achievement qualifies the chorus to compete at the Far Western District Convention in Bakersfield, California in October.

Catch our contest performances on our YouTube page! Search: "Gaslight Chorus"

All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart

Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia

2012 Barbershopper of the Year - Dan Durfey

Posted Apr 19, 2013

There are many stand out guys in the Gaslight Chorus. Without a doubt, each of the 40 plus members of the chorus are men of great character and they all contribute to the high standards the Chorus strives to. Once a year though, the Chorus leadership selects one member who has distinctly stood out over the past year for his outstanding contributions to the Gaslight Chorus. For 2012, that man is Dan Durfey.

Dan's background is loaded with championship experience. He sang with Masters Of Harmony (MOH) through five of their storied International championships. Surely all were extraordinary, although, the first gold medal performance is most memorable for Dan. The site was the Cow Palace, San Francisco, in 1990. MOH actually tied with the Louisville Thoroughbreds, but because the MOH singing score was greater, they were awarded the gold medal.  After singing with MOH for fifteen years, Dan decided to set aside his chorus involvement and concentrate on quartet activity. His quartet, Fuzzy Logic, earned a wild card spot at the Jacksonville Midwinter Convention in 2005. This ended up keeping him busy at venues closer to home.

At a chance meeting with Wes Reed and old friend Buddy Yarnell, Dan was asked to consider joining the Brea Chapter (aka: The Gaslight Chorus). Dan explained to Wes and Buddy that his interest was strictly quartet singing at that time and he proceeded to decline the offer to visit the Chorus. However, Wes and Buddy were persistent fellows, and after repeated invitations to visit, Dan relented. Dan says, "Ill admit, I was impressed at my first visit, but I was still undecided about more chorus singing." It was at Dan's third visit to a Gaslight Chorus rehearsal when Bryan Forbes approached and thrust a stack of music and a CD into Dan's hands and said: Here, go home and learn this! Two weeks later Dan was singing with the Chorus at the Harmony Under the Stars show at Pearson Park in Anaheim, CA.  Dan admits,  "I sang a bunch of watermelons that night, but my interest in membership with the Brea Chorus was assured."

Dan didnt realize it at the time, but when he joined the Arcadia Gaslight Chorus way back in 1960, he had made a life-changing decision. Barbershoppers have been among his best of friends since then, and those friendships continue to this day. Dan has sung in a dozen or more quartets over the years. Among these have been 1890 Four, Fuzzy Logic, Just Four Laughs, Party Of Four w/o Reservations, Four Spacious Guys, and Agape A Cappella. The hobby has taken him to places, both foreign and domestic, that he might never have visited. Fortunately his wife, Karin, has been supportive through it all. Karin has also taken a leadership role in the Gaslight Chorus Auxiliary and, as Chorus members will attest, has proven herself a world-class cookie baker. 

Dan says his involvement with the Gaslight Chorus has been an enriching experience. From a similar perspective, there is no doubt the Chorus has immeasurably benefitted from the long list of duties Dan has taken on. To name a few, Dan has served two terms on the Board of Directors, he self-appointed himself the chapter refreshment guru, served three years as Chorus Manager,  has recently volunteered to serve on a pilot Barberpole Cat program with fellow Board member Jon Sutherland, and the Durfey's have recently hosted a very successful annual Chapter BBQ.

Dan says, "As rewarding as my barbershop experience has been, there are a few things I might have done differently." He says in retrospect, "Id like to have learned all four parts to songs rather than just one part, and I wish Id had the temerity to ask others to join more often in pick-up quartetting."  Dan's advice is, "Barbershop is like most of lifes involvements, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Get involved, and stay involved." Clearly for Dan its been a great ride!

The Gaslight Chorus is honored to have Dan in its ranks. His experience, leadership, generosity and talents have by all measures helped the Chorus grow and continue to develop into a first class chapter in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Please join the Gaslight Chorus as we congratulate Dan on being selected as the 2012 Barbershopper of the Year.    

Happy 75th Birthday Barbershop Harmony Society!

Posted Apr 11, 2013

April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 is the 75th anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Barbershop today is a lot like barbershop in 1938, except the singers are younger, the music is hotter, and its reach is much broader. The things we love about barbershop -- the close harmony, the friendship, the "haven from daily cares" -- stretch all the way back to 1938 when O.C.Cash and Rupert Hall invited some friends in Tulsa for a little songfest.


On April 6, 1938, O.C. Cash cordially invited a small group of gentlemen to enjoy what would later be recognized as the signature event that helped kickstart the Barbershop Harmony Society. The original text of the very first invitation was as follows:


In this age of Dictators and Government control of everything, about the only privilege guaranteed by the Bill of Rights not in some way supervised and directed, is the art of Barber Shop Quartet singing. Without doubt we still have the right of "peaceable assembly" which I am advised by competent legal authority includes quartet singing. The writers of this letter have for a long time thought that something should be done to encourage the enjoyment of this last remaining vestige of human liberty. Therefore, we have decided to hold a songfest on the Roof Garden of the Tulsa Club on Monday, April 11, at six-thirty p.m. A Dutch lunch will be served.

After several months of research, and investigation, we are convinced that your record warrants our tendering you the honor of joining this group. We sincerely trust you will not fail us.

As evidence of the work that your Committee has done in this connection, we inclose a compilation of most of the good old fashioned Barber Shop Quartet songs which we trust you will look over and familiarize yourself with. Bring this list with you. It is our purpose to start right in at the first, sing every song, in numerical order, plow right down the middle, and let the chips fall where they will. What could be sweeter than ten or twelve perfectly synchronized male voices singing "Dear Old Girl!" Just thinking about it brought back to your Committee fond memories of a moonlight night, a hay ride and the soft young blonde summer visitor from Kansas City we dated on that occasion years ago.

Do not forget the date, and make every effort to be present, telephone us if convenient. We will have a private room and so will not be embarrassed by the curiosity of the vulgar public. You may bring a fellow singer if you desire.


Harmoniously yours,

Rupert Hall, Royal Keeper of the Minor Keys
O. C. Cash, Third Assistant Temporary Vice Chairman



Please join the Gaslight Chorus, along with the other 700 or so chapters across the United States and Canada as we celebrate this most joyful milestone in the life of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

If this story peaks your interest, please consider the invitation letter above just as applicable today as it was back in 1938 as our modern day invitation to you to come and visit the Gaslight Chorus at any of our Tuesday evening rehearsals. See the "Membership" tab on our website for further information and driving directions.


Follow this link for a treasure trove of information on How It All Started with 26 Men on a Roof in 1938.